The Team

Sam Wood

Samantha Wood

As Woody's wife I don't think I ever had another option, I was always going to have to muck in. I have been involved in cricket for the last 12 years in one way or another and have learnt about the game through my many hours sitting at the side of a cricket pitch not just in this country!! With three children all whom have seen many cricket grounds all over the country, we have all learned how to love the game. As with any parent you want what is best for your children and I see the J.W.Cricket Academy as the best. With two overseas tours a year a residential course, mini academies, mini courses and coaching all year round we have something for everyone.

Working with the academy now for the last three years, I have seen a lot of growth not only in the numbers that the academy now attracts but in the youngsters who have grown with us. With fantastic results such as, Hamza Riazzadin, Tom Jewell and Rob Furness to name a few. We have found a winning formula between the coaches and the children that brings out the qualities needed to succeed in such a competitive sport. I believe that to coach these children to first class level not only do you need the qualifications but also the experience of having played at the top, how can you coach what you dont know! We now have a proven track record and I only see this going from strength to strength.

Tom Donnelly

Tom Donnelly

I was a member of the Berkshire County Cricket Squad when I started trainning sessions at the Julian Wood Cricket Academy (JWCA) My cricket then went from strength to strength as did my confidence.  After being sponserd by the JWCA to be put through my Level 1 & 2 ECB coaching courses I am now qualified and am able to contribute to the academy's coaching both here in the UK and also on the International tours.

The academy creates an ideal enviroment for players to develop, it is driven by Woody who has endless amounts of passion, motivation and drive. His belief in what he does comes through in his coaching and therefore shows in the children/adults that he coaches. Woody gives countless hours to make sure that the academy goes from strength to strength and to make it the best in it's field, which in my opinion it is.


Toby Radford

JWCA is pleased to welcome Toby to the team:
As a former professional player with Middlesex and Sussex and a Junior international cricketer, Toby is passionate about his cricket and his coaching.

Toby's coaching philosophy is built around helping players to develop a good understanding of their own game and to facilitate their learning process. He believes in players working hard, planning and preparing in a professional manner and, at all times, enjoying the game.

During the past ten years Toby has worked at many different levels of the game, which has enabled him to develop his skills and to grow as a coach.

He started initially, coaching large numbers of players at clubs and schools, before progressing to county youth squads and then setting up academies in Berkshire and at Middlesex County Cricket Club.

As players progressed from the Middlesex Academy on to the professional staff, Toby was appointed as Second Eleven Coach where he led the team to the Second Eleven Trophy in 2007.

Toby was appointed First Eleven Coach at Middlesex in 2007 and gained promotion in the Pro 40 that year, before winning the Twenty 20 Cup in 2008.