Additional Coaching

Year-round Coaching

The Julian Wood Cricket Academy operates throughout the entire 12-months of the year! The majority of our coaching takes place within the school term-time calendar, however additional courses operate throughout the school holidays too. Catering for all ages (5-18 years) and abilities, coaching can be arranged on a group basis or via one-on-one sessions in order to develop the skills required at the highest possible cricketing level.

One-to-one Coaching

We offer talented and aspiring youngsters an unrivaled opportunity to develop their cricket during the off-season.This highly intensive programme will include video analysis and is specific to YOUR needs.

We believe that a period of between 4 - 10 sessions for players to grasp new perspectives in technique from the JWCA is sufficient time to learn, analyse and practice new learnt skills.

Skills Camps

This high performance programme will address skill development, fitness plus
cover fast bowling, spin bowling, batting and fielding in an in-depth coaching session with the use of digital analysis. As well as coaching the players we will provide information on the tactical and mental approach required for the game.
Limited places.


Additional coaching



Emerging Player Programme (EPP)

Julian Wood has put together an emerging player programme (EPP) for young players (7yrs - 12yrs)

The tendancy in the UK is to stick to the norm, but Cricket as a game is changing all the time, and we have to change with it , otherwise we will  get left behind.  There is no hiding the fact that T20 is here to stay so we have to start coaching players from a young age who have a talent for the game to throw a little caution to the wind, to show a little flair and imagination, obviously you need a good technique first, but why not produce players who throw with either hand and bat left and right handed. It is great for hand eye co-ordination as well as gaining confidence, it also encourages you to be a little unorthadox.

Woody has been working with his 4yr old son and is convinced that it can work.  If you get them early enough then it just becomes the norm with them.

The EPP starts in September and the boys/girls will join the JWCA for eight 4hr sessions over 4 months.

Its time we started producing a different, modern player, for the ever changing face of cricket, it's time to BREAK THE MOULD...

The EPP is open to a maximum of 16 pupils by selection only.

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If you feel that your child has what it takes then contact: Julian Wood:07766 665713 or Samantha Wood:0791 7645998