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How to Contact Us

Please contact us at this address or use the form below:


Julian Wood Cricket Academy

2 Church Street Mews
Church Street
Berkshire RG7 5BF
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)7766 665713

Email: coach@jwcricket.com


Terms & Conditions/General Information

Terms and conditions of booking: All bookings are subject to availability and J.W. Cricket Academy reserves the right to cancel or re book at any time. The JWCA reserves the right to modify a programme due to adverse weather conditions, low attendance or other unforeseen circumstances. In the case of a venue cancelling a session that cannot be replaced then all participants will be offered an alternative venue to be arranged that The JWCA deem to be suitable, if this session can not be attended then The JWCA will accept no further liability. Cancellations to any winter academy sessions, masterclasses or other indoor sessions, caused by adverse weather conditions will not result in any refunds.

Refunds will not be given for sessions/courses that need to be unavoidably cancelled or if a child/adult cannot attend. Courses have a maximum and minimum number, so book early to avoid disappointment. Full payment must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of any course, failure to do so can result in the loss of the place on the course as well as a loss of payment.

* Please note that refunds or transfers to be issued due to injury need to be supported by an official doctors certificate confirming that the participants physical health is no longer suitable to take part in the remaining sessions. This will be down to the discretion of the Directors (if the place can be filled)

Cancellation can only be accepted 2 weeks before the commencement of a course, refunds are only available if places can be re-allocated.  Bookings are on a first come first served basis and places are confirmed upon receipt of payment. Cheques to be made payable to J.W.Cricket Academy.

Neither The JWCA nor any of its staff nor persons involved with the organisation of the ‘JWCA’ accepts liability for any losses or additional expenses incurred by any participant or their parents or guardians due to injury or sickness, strikes, war or any other cause beyond their control, whilst at the ‘JWCA’.

Helmets and Safety Equipment: The JWCA have strict gudelines on safety. Helmets andprotective padding (including Abdominal guard) will be worn at all times in nets and or matches.  Borrowing from others will not be permitted as fitting is paramount. Parents must make sure that their child/young adult have all the necessary equipment when attending ANY cricketing sessions with the JWCA,failure to do so will result in them being excluded from participating for their own safety.

You accept that there is an inherent risk of injury in our cricket programme

Food and Drink: The JWCA does not provide food and drink. Please ensure that all food and drinks are in appropriate named containers. We are unable to offer refrigeration.

Clothing, Footwear and Personal Items: Please ensure that children are dressed appropriately, and that they come prepared with all safety equipment needed to participate in the course. All personal items and money are brought on to the premises at the risk of the individual. J.W.C ricket Academy cannot accept liability for anything lost or stolen. Please ensure all personal items are clearly named.

Behaviour: Fighting, Bullying, Swearing or any other behaviour deemed anti-social will not be tolerated. Coaches have the right to exclude any individual and refuse them any further courses if that individual’s disruptive behaviour may lead to them endangering themselves or others.

Health: Individuals should not attend courses if they feel unwell. Please be aware that this is a sport where injuries occur and that the J.W.Cricket Academy does not accept liability for any injury incurred whilst training in this sport with the Academy. In the unlikely event of injury I agree that 1st Aid will be given as deemed suitable by the duty first Aider. You consent that we may call upon emergency medical advice for your child if an incident requires it. You accept that we will only administer prescribed drugs, e.g. antibiotics or inhaler, to your child during the camp with your

verbal and written consent at the start of each  Academy Session/Match

Injury: In the case of any participants missing sessions due to injury refunds will be offered minus the standard admin fee (if places can be filled)  Only after 3 sessions have been missed will The JWCA look into a refund (subject to terms and conditions) These initial 3 weeks will not be refunded as short term injuries can not be accounted for.

Security: Individuals should be collected promptly at the end of each course as coaches of the J.W.Cricket  Academy are unable to provide care once the course is over and individuals become their Parents/Guardians responsibility.

 Media and Marketing: You irrevocably consent to: your child's participation in their cricket programme, your child being photographed/videod whilst at the 'JWCA’, and that such photographs/videos can be used in future promotional material produced by ‘JWCA’, and data relating to your child collected by ‘JWCA’ in connection with the ‘JWCA’being used for the purposes of associated promotion with 'JWCA’.