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Revolutionising the way  cricket  instruction is being done.

It is not in the Nature of The JWCA to stand still, we are always looking at ways to improve, its what makes us stand out from the rest.  Although the Elite Academy is very successful, we are now offering something that has never been done before. A POWER HITTING ACADEMY.  Julian Wood (WOODY) has been working over the last couple of years perfecting the art of power hitting.  Now employed with the ECB, Gloucestershire CCC and many other first class counties Power hitting is adding extra dimensions to being a cricketer. With the shorter form of the game, T20, Big Bash and the IPL too name a few being able to increase your power numbers makes you a much sought after commodity. 

Julian Wood is employed by many First Class counties as a Power Hitting Specialist, he has worked with the ECB and England players Alex Hales and Michael Lumb before the World Cup. Now working with England Lions, Ecb Coaches,Hampshire CCC, Glamorgan CCC to name a few.

The game today is a power game and JWCA, along with Gloucestershire CCC, are aiming to produce power players of the future, real game changers!

The best hitters in cricket have powerful swings. You can have the best eye in the game, but if you can't beat the in field you will quickly fall behind your competition.

Fortunately power can be improved with a hitting workout. It will help you use your legs and core to drive the bat through the ball, adding distance. When combined with batting practice this is the recipe for success at the crease.

 What makes a Power Player?

 - the ability to hit the ball hard

- knowledge of line and length

- the ability to hit all areas

- the ability to make adjustments when fooled, slower balls etc

- athletic 

- ability to throw the ball hard

- good hands when fielding and catching

- potential to become a game changer.

Player checklist: ( what to look for)

Batsmen - Strength, bat speed, absence of fear, aggressiveness, strong base ( power position)

Make up - Strong desire to succeed, coachability, maturity, temperament, improvement, hunger, drive, consistently, knowledge of the game, competitiveness, how badly does he want it.

Fielding - athletic in the field, moves well, strong throw, good hands.


Velocity programme:

We are offering our velocity programme, as used by the pros, to players who we believe have the potential to become power players. Our combination of strength and conditioning, cricket specific training and throwing programmes are backed up by years of research and results!

Slots for this programme will fill up quickly and not every player qualifies for this programme. It is invitation only.

Power Hitting Academy Principles:

 - Establish a cricket routine - routine and consistency are the cornerstone of performance. To make progress in performance you have to utilise a training routine that simulates what you do on the pitch.

-Build work capacity - work capacity is the ability to engage in intense training and then recover enough to perform again at a high level.

- increase functional strength- functional strength is the strength used in game situations.

- Educate- helping players learn and understand their strengths and weaknesses will help accelerate

player development.

 Places are limited to 18 and are strictly by invitation only.