Welcome to the Julian Wood Cricket Academy

The Julian Wood Academy, aims to provide top class coaching to aspiring young cricketers aged from 4 to adult. From teaching basic skills, improving co-ordination and self-belief to increasing their knowledge of the game, I am passionate about our achievements and dedicated to the academy and the development of our young cricketers.

Youth Development

When the players arrive at the Academy’s magnificent skills factory at Bradfield College, “We want them to be inspired!” Said Julian Wood the Academy’s founder and Head Coach. They are inspired with the drills, nets and bowling machines, the technique, mission and vision of the Academy’s youngster’s boarders on breath taking.  Any player who comes here will leave a better person and a better cricketer.  

Laughter is a constant sound at the Academy.  Yet there is a serious issue that Wood wants bought into the open, much as it might antagonise other clubs and County’s. We want to revolutionise coaching for the U9 – U11 age groups. Focusing more on developing skills, through new advanced techniques, rather than the same old boring routines.

In the last 15 years the emphasis has been on technical development, not getting out





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and bowling line and length, that’s not entertainment. We have been relying on naturally gifted players - Flintoff, Warne, Tendulkar – And once every 5 years someone else will come along. We want a development programme that gives us 4 or 5 Flintoffs. We want players, who can do the unpredictable, I see too many one dimensional players.  We inspire our players to take players on; when you attack it’s all guns blazing. 7yrs – 10yrs is the golden age for learning so we work on technique from a young age.

Our Aim

To have the most successful youth development system:

How will this be achieved?

  • By attracting extremely talented individuals aged 6 and upwards

  • The crucial thing is the level of control you have over the player – We believe we can influence the player’s human development. That’s the

  • Talent and cricketing qualities are not enough, without the values they are not equipped to be successful

  • You mould the players -  Every boy would like to be as good as they can become




A unique coaching experience via WhatsApp. 

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Power Hitting System

Power Hitting System

Watch the recent BBC News Power Hitting feature:

BBC News feature June 2017 


With a vision for the future and the aim to produce real spectacular game changers, we’ve spent the last four years working with an American Major League Baseball coach to find a different (and very exciting) way of doing things! As a result, we’ve combined the brutality of baseball hitting using the mechanics designed to maximise the body's ability to generate, then transfer force through the ball with the skills of cricket and come up with an explosive power hitting programme – guaranteed to enable you to hit the ball harder and further!! Visit the dedicated Power Hitting website for more information.

 What makes a great player?

To make it today you need total dedication, a passion beyond belief and superb athleticism. Ideally you need to be big strong and fast and that is just to get to the starting line. Add great movement,flexability, technical excellence and a variety of weapons in your armoury and you have the chance to become a winner... If your head is right!

Final Word

The JWCA has a proven record of producing cricketing talent it is a production line that leads into first class cricket.  These days it is a whole new ball game and we have everything in place to make the player succeed. Our approach and set up is geared towards excellence.


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ForceTrainerBetter bats guarantee to:

• finish your swing   • reinforce good extension and follow through

• encourage hands through the ball   • increase hand speed



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Julian Wood

Hampshire CC

The JW Cricket Academy... will give more youngsters in the area the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Hampshire CCC 1st XI Assistant Coach

Middlesex CC

It is very exciting that we have formed an allegiance with you to create a First Class County outlet for your best players.

Head Coach, Middlesex Cricket Club


The JWCA continues to offer young players an excellent environment to develop both the technical, mental and tactical skills needed to succeed at the highest level. Julian Wood has a truly unique and successful approach to coaching!

West Indies Batting Coach