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Overseas Tours

Throughout my professional career I had the privilege to play cricket all over the world: Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies to name but a few. I believe those opportunities were crucial in my cricket development. I learned a lot - I found myself in very talented and disciplined teams, having to prove myself in different environments and also to new colleagues. enhancing my cricket at a time when stagnation might have set in.

The expert conclusion to all this...

Well it is pretty obvious! No matter how sophisticated and state-of-the-art the wonderful facilities are on offer here at Bradfield, nothining beats playing matches in new and challenging environments. To enhance the standard of our players, we should grab every chance to play overseas - just as countless young visiting players to this country have done over the last five decades.

Julian Wood International creates and builds development programmes 'for cricketers by cricketers' catering to both prfessionals and amateurs in a variety of age groups and abilities. Offering opportunities to improve skills and learn ruances in varying conditions.

The JWCA takes 2 tours a year to Mumbai Wood adds "If you have any ambition to play professional cricket or just make the most of your ability then these tours are an absolute must for you, as well as teaching you the technical aspects of your game it also teaches discipline, self evaluation and gives you the ability to perform in pressure situations" Something that concerns Wood with a lot of young players in England "There is a huge fear of failure syndrome that creeps into their mental approach, these tours aim to nullify this and produce positive thinking"

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What we do

  • Provide development programmes for individuals and teams
  • Address skill levels and fitness
  • Offer latest technical developments via motion capture and analysis.

The benefits

  • Learn how to play in a new cricketing environment
  • Understand the nuances of a new coaching culture
  • Be aware of your own cricketing deficiencies
  • Self-analysis
  • Understand what it takes to reach the top of your profession
  • Social, cultural and historical aspects of another country

Charity ‘The Orphans of India’

We have created a non-profit programme conducted every two years to give opportunities to under-privileged youth from India. Julian Wood International is trying to make a small difference through the medium of cricket, to enhance lives of Indian youngsters. We would like to develop this programme further in order to assist other countries through the medium of cricket.


Having just returned from the JWCA Cricket Tour to Mumbai, I just wanted to drop you guys an email of thanks for laying on the best Tour I have been on….and I’ve been on a few!  From the arrival at the host venue, MIG Cricket Club in Bandra, where you’re met by the sense that cricket is the only way of life, to the hustling streets of Tuk Tuks in Mumbai, to the amazing richly-coloured festivals we were party to, it really is quite an inspirational trip for all ages.  The local Indian children were so humbling yet so happy and the boys were made to feel very much at ease.  For our boys to be a part of that culture and witness the level of coaching and play that followed, means it will be a tour that will live long in the memory of both Edward and I, a huge congratulations to the JWCA Team!!’ 

Andrew Bagley - Parent. 

George was nervous at first: not sure whether it was down to the prospect of facing the Indian spinners or the fact that his mother was coming along in the role of matron. For those who haven't been to India before it is difficult to comprehend what the boys would be up against: the intense heat, the dust, the noise, the food, the frenetic pace of life and that is before they face a cricket ball. To Indians, cricket is a religion. Every inch of bare ground in Mumbai has a game taking place. Boys as young as nine think nothing of spending an entire Sunday practising in the nets. For them there is nothing else, no play stations,  just cricket, cricket, cricket...

and a seemingly endless supply of  bowlers who are ready to pit themselves against the English visitors. The boys played four matches interspersed with days' training over the 10-day tour. In the first match  - played against an MIG side - the effects of the heat and jet lag were all too evident. The second match was away against the SPG Club - which was celebrating its centenary. Despite the loss, the boys played with great tenacity on a difficult ground. Sadly I had to come home at this point missing the last two matches. I was rung on Friday afternoon with the news of their win over the MIG Academy side. It was a fitting finale to all the team's hard work.

Parents are not always objective about their children's achievements but in this case your sons are deserving of all praise. I was very impressed by how they handled themselves in an unfamiliar environment, they bonded well as a team and they revelled in each other's success. And of course, the pivot in all of this is the great man Woody himself, ably supported by brother-in-law Jason (the tour's Mr Fix-it) and father Ross (stylish umpire).  Woody's dedication is unstinting. He knows how to get the best out of each boy. They have to want to do it for themselves but if they want to improve he is there to help them. And India is definitely the place to do it. Their passion for cricket is truly inspiring. This could not be better illustrated by the crush that enveloped 'man of the moment' Sachin Tedulkar when he visited MIG on the Wednesday evening - think David Beckham if he had won the world cup! However, for me, the best endorsement for the whole tour was when I asked an exhausted but exhilarated George whether he would come back next year, without hesitation it was 'Yes, definitely!' 

Belinda Chaffer - Parent

Dear Woody and Sam,

Thank you for the best 10 days of my life on our tour to India! The cricket out there is just unbelievable and the standard of cricket is very high and having the Indians bowling at me was a great experience.  The Hotel (MIG) was extremely smart especially since before the tour I was only expecting a youth hostel.  The food was delicious and I already miss their Chicken Tikka Massala and a few others. The staff were brilliant and helpful. It was definitely the trip of a life time (non-stop cricket)

The highlights are probably obvious but here they are:

  1.  Watching the "Great Man" Sachin Tendulkar train and then getting a group photo with him in it and then getting his signature on my bat, I will cherish that moment forever.  
  2. Getting Arjun out (Sachins Son) in one of the matches.
  3. Getting a Tuk Tuk home, the scariest 20mins of my life, I loved it.

I would absolutely love to go again and hope you would pick me. Thank you again for such an amazing tour. India is one of the most, or the most fascinating Countries in the World.  

Charlie St Quinton