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The Magic of Merlyn

Why don't you visit the JWC Academy in Bradfield, and get the low down on the spinner that's taking the place by storm!

Merlyn is a bowling machine that can replicate genuine spin, dip and accuracy and is proving extremely valuable in improving the batting of players against the turning ball. The JWCA is the first cricket academy outside of the ECB to have the Merlyn on offer.



Rob Key summed up the benefits of Merlyn
by BOLA to English cricket:

“Playing against spin bowling indoors can be very dull and gets the batter into so many bad habits. English bowlers can’t really turn it indoors and batters get used to hammering skiddy lifeless bowling but, of course, it’s a different matter when you get outdoors and the ball turns.”













"There are only 25 Merlyn's in the world so for us to have one proves that the JWCA is the leading independent cricket academy in the Country. The game keeps moving forward and changing all the time and you have to change and move forward with it otherwise you stand still, it's all about reaching the next level".

Julian Wood


The Merlyn machine is an elite training tool used regularly by International teams and first class sides throughout the world.

It's not just for the elite though Wood has not only used Merlyn with his elite players but also his junior academy and has seen a big improvement in the way the young players play and approach spin bowling in less than an hour's coaching. The key is to develop a strategy and have the right hand, foot and bat movement, combine these with the right mindset can only help take your game to another level.

The JWCA is enabling players to come and have specialist spin sessions, an initiative that will prove to be a superb resource for players old and young.



For further information contact
Julian Wood 0776666 5713