The JW Cricket Academy was born out of my desire to want to make a difference to the youth of today and tomorrow by passing on the wealth of experience that I have collected over the last 20 years, from my Berkshire U15 days through to my life as a professional cricketer at Hampshire County Cricket Club.

I am a firm believer that you have had to play the game at a very high level to be able to coach the game. There are obviously exceptions to this statement but if you have never been in a certain situation then how do you know how to deal with it?

One of my key strengths as a coach is that I know what the player is feeling inside so I can help them make the right decisions.

As a player I had an indescribable passion for the game, which I have now taken into my coaching with the JW Cricket Academy. I coach cricket teams to win and I coach players to be winners.

If you asked what my greatest achievement has been to date, it isn’t smashing my first ball in county cricket for four, or scoring 72 versus Australia, or winning my Benson & Hedges ‘man of the match’ award, or being the first Berkshire Captain to win any silverware for 50 or so years. All of those were special moments, but the answer would be the founding of the JW Cricket Academy and our affiliation with academies in India and South Africa under the banner of JW International. This bears witness to the courage, passion and boundless spirit that are the hallmarks of the JW Cricket Academy.


 Julian Wood


Hamza Riazzudin – Hampshire Cricket Academy/England U17

“Training at the JWCA is the best preparation for the season. I started at the JW Academy under ‘Woody’ at the age of thirteen; I attribute my success to the hard work, fantastic coaching and constant support of the JWCA.”

We have already assisted in the development of many young players:

Tom Jewell – Surrey County Cricket Club (England U19 Captain)

“Julian Wood has been my personal coach for the last 10 years, and has been overseeing my progress from a nervous, yet enthusiastic 9 year old to a professional cricket player. Woody has been with me every step of the way and I wouldn’t of got where I have done without his help and dedication. He’s an impressive coach, who understands the journey to professional cricket, he’s been there, done it and got the t-shirt as it were, you can sense his enthusiasm and drive just by meeting him. His coaching was always challenging and never stopped pushing me on to get better, you learn quickly and it was always enjoyable. He works hard in all areas of your game making sure you can more then cope with the expectations of a first class county setup. To me he’s been a technician and helped me build a solid technique; he’s been a mentor and guided me through some tough times and he’s character building when he roughs you up with some quick bouncers! I’m not the first professional cricketer Woody has helped take to the top and I’m defiantly not going to be the last.”


Ray Roberts – Chairman, Mortimer and West End Cricket Club

“During the winter of 2009-10 Julian Wood of the JW Cricket Academy coached two young cricketers who learned their cricket at Mortimer & West End CC. 20 year old Nick Kingston (bowler) and 19 year old Tom Mackenzie-Prinn (batsman) and had shown promise as MWECC colts. Following winter coaching with the JW Cricket Academy located at Bradfield College, both young men have moved from being village cricketers to regularly representing their county side, playing for the Berkshire U25 Development XI, effectively the Berkshire second XI. Both young cricketers attribute their astonishing over-winter success directly to the coaching received at the JW Cricket Academy.’

Those facts alone prove that the JW Cricket Academy leads the way in Cricket development.

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Julian Wood