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Overseas Tours

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Julian Wood International tour 1

Throughout my professional career I had the privilege to play cricket all over the world: Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies to name but a few. I believe those opportunities were crucial in my cricket development. I learned a lot - I found myself in very talented and disciplined teams, having to prove myself in different environments and also to new colleagues, enhancing my cricket at a time when stagnation might have set in.

The expert conclusion to all this...
Well it is pretty obvious! No matter how sophisticated and state-of-the-art the wonderful facilities are on oer here at Bradfield, nothing beats playing matches in new and challenging environments. To enhance the standard of our players, we should grab every chance to play overseas - just as countless young visiting players to this country have done over the last five decades.

Julian Wood International creates and builds development programmes 'for cricketers by cricketers' catering to both professionals and amateurs in a variety of age groups and abilities. Offering opportunities to improve skills and learn nuances in varying conditions.

The JW Cricket Academy takes 2 tours a year to Mumbai and Julian adds "If you have any ambition to play professional cricket or just make the most of your ability then these tours are an absolute must for you, as well as teaching you the technical aspects of your game it also teaches discipline, self evaluation and gives you the ability to perform in pressure situations". Something that concerns Julian with a lot of young players in England: "There is a huge fear of failure syndrome that creeps into their mental approach, these tours aim to nullify this and produce positive thinking".

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What we do
• Provide development programmes for individuals and teams
• Address skill levels and fitness
• Oer latest technical developments via motion capture and analysis.

The benefits
• Learn how to play in a new cricketing environment
• Understand the nuances of a new coaching culture
• Be aware of your own cricketing deficiencies
• Self-analysis
• Understand what it takes to reach the top of your profession
• Social, cultural and historical aspects of another country

International Video
Here's a snapshot of our International work, both with Elite players and budding players on tour! From Australia to India, Dubai and Cape Town. We have taken players across the world to give them the very best opportunities to improve their game in very different and challenging climates. Its all about the cricket.

Tour Reviews

Jem Brooks (parent)
"Our two boys have been on three Mumbai tours & they are booked to go again in October. It is the most amazing cricket & life experience that they could wish for playing in testing & unnatural conditions against some very strong local sides. The practice sessions are superb & Woody spends hours working with the boys & girls when training & at games passing on all his experience & tips from working with some of the world’s top players. The matches are always competitive but with everyone getting equal opportunities. Sam looks after everything off the pitch from passports, food, medicine, drinks & always with a great sense of humour! The boys have made friends for life & will have many stories & laughs to share when they meet up again during the season at home. The camaraderie & laughter amongst the boys & girls is so good to see and hear. Woody & Sam are a great team on & off the pitch & make sure that the tour runs smoothly from start to finish. If your son or daughter loves cricket then this is the tour for them."
Jamie Brooks, 13
"I have now been on 3 India cricket tours and I have loved them. I have found the experiences very useful and great fun and I feel like I have grown my mental game and my actual game so much throughout the tours. I have learned to adapt to the toughest conditions and have learned to bat with all sorts of situations with different players on different pitches. I have also met some great friends from all counties and it’s been good to learn from them in the same environment. They have all been such great fun tours to be a part of. It is a really welcoming and easy place to go into, there’s lots of support when you need it and great banter and laughs every day.”
Rob (parent)
"Delivered through detailed planning but balanced with flexibility and pragmatism, JWCA cricket tours are the must attend trips. With an utter focus on cricket, the boys and girls train hard and play hard, and most importantly with a smile and sense of achievement at every step. A mixed age group, Woody and his coaches are always able to support individuals players needs and blend into a fantastic team spirit. A great in-country knowledge ensures match locations, conditions and opposition teams challenge every player to be the best that they can be. A tour where the cricket never stops, Woody is giving throw downs and advice from dawn to dusk. Making friends for life, and the fun does not stop when the players leave the pitch, every on tour birthday is celebrated and the laughter never ceases. Off the pitch care of the players is as equally important to Woody and Sam as the cricketing matters. Sam is always at hand to look after the welfare and is the 1st to ensure the players are well watered, fed and slathered in cream, as well as a kind and caring word.

Having been on three tours with Woody and Sam, I cannot recommend JWCA highly enough; a first class tour organised by international coaches, that far outstrip the completion for quality and enjoyment.”

For more information on the Academy or Power Hitting coaching please contact Julian at: or call on: +44 (0)7766 665713